Testimonials about Joan

“Joan Apter, who teaches our Raindrop Program, is a very meticulous instructor. Her students have given wonderful testimonials to us on her behalf. Statements like, “Best class I've ever taken,” or “Joan's teaching style is clear, inspirational and fun!” An all important objective in our courses is for the student to feel assured that they can utilize the information that they have learned. This direct quote from one of our students demonstrates Joan's effectiveness; “I feel confident to practice the Raindrop Technique after taking this class.”

Larry Heisler, M.A.
North Jersey Massage Training Center

“Thank you for the five-day Raindrop Technique and Therapeutic Essential Oil Application Workshop that you presented from October 29 to November 3, 2001 at the Spa at Las Ventanas al Paraiso.

Our 29 staff members in attendance appreciated your excellent teaching abilities, and are excited to begin practicing the new techniques you have presented to them. They were deeply affected by your obvious love of the Essential Oils.

I am particularly delighted with the signature treatment we created for the spa, one I am sure our guests will adore. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to any spa that wishes to increase the excellence of their aromatherapy services.”

Angel Stewart, Spa Director
Las Ventanas al Paraiso, Baja, Mexico

“Joan was invaluable in setting up the aromatherapy treatments for our new Spa. Not only is she a talented aromatherapy massage therapist, but her ongoing education kept our therapists at optimum performance.”

Dawn Chichen, Spa Manager
Emerson Spa, Shandaken, NY

“I called Joan Apter to design the exquisite Wet Room Spa Treatments for the opening of my day spa, Body of Truth.

Our Spa Therapy appointments are booming due to the rave reviews we have been receiving from contented customers.

We are truly fortunate to have Joan on staff, offering her powerful aromatherapy massage treatments.”

Simone Harari, Owner
Body of Truth, Kingston, NY

“Joan creates continuous positive feedback from her clients. They now call in advance to book her aromatherapy treatments.”

Elizabeth Winograd, Owner and Director
Copperhood Inn & Spa, Phoenicia, NY

Dear Joan,

We would like to "thank-you" for the recent workshop you presented at the Catskill Public Library. It was fun, informative and enjoyed by those in attendance. The books we purchased for our own collection, offered at your workshop have already gone out several times.

Offering "Creating a Healthy Home with Essential Oils and Aromatherapy" enhanced our programming and stimulated interest on the topic of essential oils.

We'd love to have you again in the future!

Margo Muller
Program Director

Dear Ms. Apter,

This is to thank you for your participation in the May 6, 2000 Stress Study Break workshop at Fordham University, at our Bronx Campus.

Your interaction with the students made the topic of aromatherapy a very lively one, and we appreciate you for that. The students especially liked the experiences they had as you had them sniff the essential oils. They were impressed that peppermint could help them study and prepare for their exams!

We look forward to other opportunities in the near future. I would recommend your presentation to anyone who is looking for a deeper understanding of how essential oils and aromatherapy work and can be used for so many practical purposes for reducing stress, and healing.

We thank you once again, and look forward to our collaborative work in the near future.

Dr. Anie Kalayjan
Workshop Organizer
Professor of Psychology

Dear Joan,

I am writing you on behalf of the Mental Health Association in Ulster County to convey our deepest appreciation for the seminar you lead on July 17th.

The presentation was both professional and educational. You appear to be very knowledgeable on the material and dealt with our array of questions with non-circumlocutory precision. Many of the participants expressed their gratitude, to both myself and to my co-leader, for having the opportunity to be exposed to aromatherapy.

I look forward to meeting with you again and will not hesitate to recommend your services to any in need.

Thank you again for your time and energy.

Woody Koch-Wain
Transitions Coordinator
Mental Health Association in Ulster County, Inc.


Testimonials on Receiving the Neuro Auricular Technique (NAT)

It felt like you were drilling, and then you came to a spot, where something just released. It was like a childhood or childbirth trauma was released. There was no pain, just a light touch. It didn't feel like massage. I think every newborn should have this technique done for birth trauma. It's an energy shift!

Christine Fromm Thalemann
New Paltz, NY

If you get a NAT session, make sure you plan to have some rest time afterwards! It was so profoundly relaxing that I did not want to get up off the table!

Claudia Hirsch
Woodstock, NY

I live with  discomfort in my body and after having a session with Joan with her multifaceted approach, including NAT, I had a very peaceful, relaxed state come in to my body that I have not felt in many years. Joan is a very talented and giving practitioner and I highly recommend having a session with her.

Marcia Donofrio, Chaplin

Testimonials about attending Joan's NAT class

Thank you for the class - I really enjoyed it. I especially appreciated the Aromatherapy 101. I liked the way you split the course into segments and gave both art and science info.

The info was great, the overall warmth of the group was wonderful, the NAT treatment itself was very interesting.

I experienced near-immediate sensation after the application of the second oil, so much so that as the warmth and relaxation began to creep into my every molecule, and as the calm, gentle, and sensitively focused touch of my partner registered, tears of relief rose quickly to the surface.

A day later, despite snow shoveling, grocery hauling, garbage sorting, housekeeping and the like, I feel great!  Makes the heart sing, puts a smile on my face and a spring in my step!

I look forward to sharing this technique. Selfishly, I especially look forward to being on the receiving end of it for a while, to see how much more it can help me. I have needed this, for decades. Thank you!

Christina Gardner
Boiceville, NY

I really enjoyed your class. You make learning fun. When I looked in the mirror last night I thought how nice my skin looked and thought it weird my skin would look better as we did not put anything on our face. Upon further reflection I concluded that the skin was the same it was the stress lines that were gone!

I felt so at peace afterwards and slept really well last night. As always you did a fabulous job and it is always a pleasure to see you and I will be using this technique on others who need some help. Thanks.

April Hubbard
Pleasant Valley, NY

I LOVED that you gave me the opportunity to review and enhance this aspect of what I had learned in Dallas. I have a "procedures" type of mind, and your use of power point and tight organization really added to my being able to retain what you taught. I admired the way you took 1 or 2 questions and than stayed on point, referring the rest of the questions to the end. You're a very good, clear teacher, Joan. I also liked that there were a variety of people in the class. The time really flew by; I was amazed that we had only 1 hour left, when that was announced!

I wasn't so aware of how I was feeling before I received the treatment. When I really noticed a difference was when I got home. My husband even commented on where I got all this energy. It was mental and "connected" energy actually. I felt clearer and more positive. I worked on my husband right away. He was complaining and 'edgy,' leaning in the chair and fidgeting during much of the application. I thought he would never experience anything. I was really happily surprised when he announced afterwards that he had gone way "in" and needed time to come back! (Afterwards we figured out a way that he would have been more comfortable: sitting forward on his comfortable recliner with his head on a little TV table.) Even so, he had a really good experience!

I'm very grateful, Joan, to have had this experience with you. You're a great teacher and your students are really fortunate to have someone so astute, explicit, compassionate and supporting! Thank you!

Nandini Weitzman
South Fallsburg, NY

The intro to essential oils was helpful even though I have some familiarity with them. Also, the science behind the procedure/technique was also helpful. The teacher's enthusiasm and commitment to teaching and leading was infectious. Receiving and giving the Raindrop felt very good, both relaxing and grounding. Thank you again for a great class.

Fran Collet
Hurley, NY

Thanks again for bringing this vital information and technique to us.

As a teacher you convey your knowledge of the oils in a clear and concise manner. Your passion to share is obvious. I thought the class was presented in a easy format, notes last, that's excellent! I like a short quick delivery/class time that follows a format and stays on time. It shows me that my time is as valuable as is the presenters.

I felt an immediate response; a deeper sense of calm. My brain was really firing, very alert and I really anchored the technique. I have applied this a few times with immediate good results.  I will be teaching this to two massage therapist friends here in New Mexico in the next 2 days so I will have more feedback for you.

I plan to add this to my menu when I return. I also will be getting a massage chair to do this in a more open space as opposed to a closed room. I will continue to work on whoever, whenever for more experience.

Lisa Gervais
Newburgh, NY

My experience of receiving NAT was lovely, peaceful, and nurturing.

You are a great teacher with vast knowledge of essential oils and their uses. I could have listened to you for a long time. I certainly got what I came to learn and left feeling competent to give a session. I spent time with my notes when I got home so I wouldn't start to forget things.

I will definitely use it on myself and others. There may be other ways I will use it that I will discover as time goes by.

Judy Wyman
Chichester, NY

Testimonials of experiencing Joan's Raindrop Technique Treatment

I wanted to let you know all of the wonderful things that I felt after receiving the Raindrop Technique. All of the effects were positive; none were negative!

What I noticed about myself was that I was very happy and my mind was clear for the first time since September 11th!! I went to my exercise class the next day and my body was so strong and fluid (I hadn't been to class in weeks). I felt very euphoric and still do 2 days later.

I can't thank you enough. I will always request the Raindrop Technique in the future.

Erica Weldon

My seven-year-old son Alex received raindrop technique on December 2, 2001. It lasted for 1.5 hours. There were no negative effects of this on my son. In fact I noticed several positive effects. During the Raindrop Treatment, Alex became so relaxed that he fell asleep. To have a very active seven-year-old lay still for 1.5 hours is testament to the non- irritating and soothing effect of the massage. 

The Raindrop Technique was a positive experience for my son.

Maria Turchi
Tenafly, NJ

Testimonials of Joan's Raindrop Technique Classes

Joan Apter, who teaches our Raindrop Program, is a very meticulous instructor. Her students have given wonderful testimonials to us on her behalf. Statements like, "Best class I've ever taken", or "Joan's teaching style is clear, inspirational and fun!" An all-important objective in our courses is for the student to feel assured that they can utilize the information that they have learned. This direct quote from one of our students demonstrates Joan's effectiveness; "If feel confident to practice the Raindrop Technique after taking this class."

Larry Heisler
M.A., RMT/Director, North Jersey Massage Training Center
Parsippany, NJ

I just wanted to say thank you again for the experience and the passing of knowledge. When I got home I performed the Raindrop on my husband.  He slept like a baby all night. Today, everything seemed to fall into place for him at work. Everything he had been stressing over was resolved and he is like a new person, so relaxed and laughing. I know what did it and I thank you for the knowledge.

You are an inspiration to me and to Kalifah. I think you changed her life yesterday. We are all blessed to have you in our lives.

Wilma Garren
South Orange, NJ

Thank you so much for offering your hands on teaching of the Raindrop Technique! I love the reading and studying, but for me, hands-on is how I learn the best! I absorbed so much pertinent information about the oils during the class! Joan has a way of keeping the classes light and fun, so it's easy for her to slip all that knowledge into us!! I am already practicing the technique and delving so much further into the amazing benefits and uses of my favorite treasure chest of the past ten years.... my essential oils case!

Kimberly Wendt
Phoenicia, NY

Thanks so much for the great class yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed learning the Raindrop Technique and practiced on my youngest child when I got home last night. He especially loved the work on his back. Tonight my daughter came over for a Raindrop.  She immediately felt the energy in her legs after I used the Valor while my hands were on her feet. She felt that the overall experience was just heavenly and it totally relaxed her. In fact, she enjoyed it so much that she is going to give Raindrop gift certificates to her clients instead of buying them a gift. My son has asked if I will do it for him tomorrow night. It's great because I have enough people in the house to practice on and now they want me to work on their spouses, friends and co-workers!

Again, thanks so much for everything. You really made it a wonderful experience. I will be in touch.

Diane Larkin
Brooklyn, NY